Why use ART?

Patient Safety

Research shows that physics plan checks rank at the very top of quality assurance measures most likely to prevent treatment errors. Other measures like IMRT patient specific measurements rank at the bottom. In many clinics today, however, efforts and resources allocated to patient specific measurements far exceed those allocated to physics plan checks.

ArtCheck service automates hundreds of checks that your clinic will be able to tirelessly and infallibly perform for each physics plan check.

Follow through on paperless transition

A major motivation behind the paperless transition was that digitizing records would ultimately facilitate automation. By choosing to automate, we are simply following through on a decision that was implicitly made long ago.

Cost reduction

Unlike other cost-intensive measures such Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, automation improves patient safety at negative net cost.


Time saved by automation is more than simply the time it typically takes to manually perform the repetitive tasks. ART automations save you time consumed by the head-scratching, back and forth discussions, and redo's that often result from errors made during manual tasks.

ArtAssist also helps your clinic reduce the effort required to coordinate tasks and allows you to track timelines to identify sources of delay.

Talent allocation

Medical physicists are highly capable individuals. They are better appreciated performing more cerebral activities (like commissioning a new treatment) as opposed to mechanical activities automated by ART services.

Employee satisfaction

Hiring is always accompanied by a chance of introducing new personality conflicts. Uncaught errors strain relationships. Both hiring and uncaught errors are reduced through automation. As noted above, employees also feel more appreciated when utilizing more of their talent.

CMS Quality Payment Program

It is ART's opinion that utilization of ART software qualifies as an IA_PSPA_8 Improvement Activity (Use of patient safety tools).

ABR Practice Quality Improvement (PQI)

It is ART's opinion that the process of implementing ART software meets the criteria for Practice Quality Improvement, toward the purpose of fulfilling requirements in the ABR Maintenance of Certification Program.